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Actually remembered about this noticing the previous entry, oh wow I suck.

So yeah, did this.

Title: Money Can't Buy You Friends
Prompt: 'the reason'
Pairing or Characters: Shopkeepers, Neku
Rating: Whatever the super lowest one is
Word count: 100

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ღ jack

week two: challenge

This week's challenge is the reason.


Broad theme is broad~
So sorry for the delay. Didn't remember to look back here because of school, and nearly died when I saw that I placed and won? I don't know how that was possible. Anywho, on we go~ (by the way, feel free to delete and have mod repost if needed *shifty gaze*)

etc: Housewife

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Dear community -

Sorry for my random disappearance. Real life has kind of been handing it to me lately. To put it shortly, I don't have the time or patience to keep up with moderating and conducting a community.

If anyone would like to take over the ship, they're more than welcome to. Shoot me off a message and I'll hand it all over to you. Do with it what you will.

If no one wants it, well, sorry to waste your time.

You're all very talented.

Sorry again.

Mod, out~
Ravenclaw Code


Title: Games
Prompt: Unconventional
Pairing or Characters: Josh/Sho
Rating: PG-13 to R
Word count: 383
Warnings: Glossed m/m sex, spoilers through to the end of the game.

Rather obscure pregame speculation on Joshua and Sho's first meeting.

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